Sunday, September 19, 2010

Old Project: Juggernaut

Here is a little retrospective. My first Rhinoceros model, a semi truck. Originally created in 2006 as a final proposal for a night class (Art Center in Pasadena).

It is a hybrid of sorts, basically a literal interpretation of what Australians call a Semi Tractor Trailer "land train". In my case, a diesel turbine electric hybrid land train. Along with being a hybrid, efficiency in terms of aerodynamics was set as my theme's primary goal. In as much as a mere stylist could prescribe without benefit of CFD analysis or an Aeronautics degree that is.

This final direction on that theme was very simple...maybe stylistically too simple. I thought a ship traveling through a much denser medium (sea) should be super efficient in a much thinner medium (highway speed air). Basically, it is a ship's hull on wheels, voilĂ  my concept for a futuristic semi-truck. Oh...and a little pinch of Thundercats for flavor. Hoooo!

And then I tried to make it in Rhino.

A disaster in my opinion.

...but I aim to fix that before closing out this it has been resurrected.

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