Sunday, June 26, 2011

This one is not procrastination.

Being new to design (relatively), it becomes pretty clear that form expectation constricts creative expression and design freshness/innovation. With all my work cobbled together in a slapdash portfolio for a previous night class, I've gathered with the input of instructors that my work is a bit conventional. I believe that was a small bit of kindness. Not being a particular talent, what I can do is help myself find a way to shake up my staid perspective. You guessed it, with an Excel spreadsheet!

Ever since my experience with mocking up monetary models for IT backends prior to committing to PHP, ASP, ActionScript via ODBC. (Sorry, I was more logic and front end than back.) Throwing together a test script to mock up run command in lieu of server test bed made for good numeric error mapping, rounding kerfuffles and null squashing. With this, I've been able to parley the trick to make a quick-and-dirty Rhinoceros macro the one in the last post. This "random-shape-generator" spreadsheet does as the name would suggest, creates "primitive" shape and mashes them together in random ways to result in conglomerate forms that in some cases can be inspiring for radical but attractive forms. Proof is in the pood'n as I like to say but for now, I give you the random-shape-generator.

Beautiful, isn't it?

And some results.

But, the wireframes were actually much more interesting.

I feel this tangent effort resulted in forms that were unexpected yet interesting enough to push my work toward a stronger and more challenging direction. So he says. We shall see.

After version Rhinoceros V5, some of the RhinoScript behavior changed. Specifically, any functions that required user input now forces a pop-up selection menu that broke the old script so the inline prefix of "-" vs. "_" has been placed. It seems to work OK, but as this spreadsheet is only a proof of concept for later making into a plug-in with UI, I'm not too concerned with bug squashing at the moment. In anycase, I make it available for anyone to mess with.
OneDrive: Rhino Random Shape Generator

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