Saturday, March 22, 2014

McLaren slightly looser

Trying to loosen up a bit. Got lots of great crits from friends, now to find a real story and language direction.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

McLaren 6c

Going to give a compact McLaren a shot.  I'll call it 6c to designate a possible Honda sourced hybrid setup shared with the new NSX and McLaren racing's pending switch to Honda for 2015.

Project rough:
  • Sports car with everyday usability
  • Maximum outward visibility
  • Comfortable seating height (non-supercar)
  • Front trunk large enough for a standard luggage bag
  • Roughly price of 911 Turbo
Hardpoint rough:
  • Shared McLaren family carbon tub 
  • Main radiators positioned between rear wheel-well and tub
  • Roughly the size of a 911
  • Passive aero
First wrap around of initial variations in off the cuff form language.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bugatti EB 9.81 Gravity Racer

This design was originally part of 3D Fundamentals 2 at Art Center in 2012 but I've always wanted to fully finish the design in all its depth of detail.

Based on the XGR racing series where major automotive corporations were invited to compete in an exebition series to encourage young automotive engineers in a mentorship environment, my design is a "What If" scenario. What if Bugatti joined the XGR series, what would their racer look like and how would it work.